The bright side of Depression


I came across this picture with a simply amazing message and it got me thinking… despite all the tears and suffer I had to go through living with Depression for so many years – it taught me the most invaluable lessons and made me the person I am today.

Depression taught me kindness because even smallest act of affection always makes a huge impact on my mental well-being.

It taught me patience because I have learnt that good things come with time.

It taught me mindfulness on my journey of seeking help.

Finally, Depression taught me humanity because it made me realize that more people than I could ever imagine are facing Depression in their lives too.

Sometimes I wonder – what kind of person I would be if I had “a perfect life/childhood” and not a single worry in my life… would I still be grateful for the little things such as nice food in the house, warm and loving home I have created for my family and my very few but the most caring friends I have today?

Would I still cherish every happy moment in my life and really pay attention to it?

Would I be ever as happy as I am today and would I want my son to learn everything I have learnt (just in a different way)?

And would I ever wish that perhaps one day, my little one will be like me?…





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